40 x 3 = California Fun

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Birthday celebrations were always three times the fun when I was a child. The only children in our family were my triplet brother and sister and I, so our once-a-year celebrations were wildly creative and well-thought-out. They almost always involved relay games and prizes, so all year we strategically planned who we would invite. By the end of high school, the relay games were a thing of the past, but creative birthdays weren't.

Our senior year my parents kept party plans a secret. Our dates arrived at 4 p.m., and as we stood out on the front porch we saw Dad round the corner in a big RV. While Dad drove us to various friends' homes for a progressive dinner, Mom served us fresh-squeezed lemonade and appetizers. The evening ended with a downtown concert by our favorite artist, and we made one last stop at a friend’s house for birthday cake, ice cream, and punch.

We all grew up, got married and started having children of our own and, separated by states, had rarely celebrated our birthday together since college days.

This year we turned 40, and decided it called for a special celebration. We spent a week together in Laguna Beach, CA, with our spouses (no kids!) and our parents. Can you pick out my triplet brother and sister in the above picture? They are do not have brown hair like me, if that gives you a hint. Our days were filled with walking the beach, grilling out, eating around the outdoor table as we laughed and told stories.

“Dear Father, thank you for times to get away, rest, and enjoy family. Thank you that you've given us another year of life to celebrate. Amen.”

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  1. Brenna Stull on February 10, 2009 at 6:38 PM

    Think outside the box when it comes to planning your child's birthday parties.

    I did the first 20 parties for my kids with a $20 budget. Each party was based around a theme, and had corresponding games and a craft, and even a simple lunch. I made a cake (or rice krispy treats, or jumbo cookie) and we decorated lunch sacks for treat bags.

    Remember the most important birthday party goal is to make your birthday boy or girl feel special.

    Also, if you have multiple kids, rotate the birthday party schedule: they get a party every other year and a special friend get-together the "off" year.