An Inspirational Conference for Writers

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I had the joy of participating in the Glorieta Christian Writer's Conference this fall outside of Santa Fe, New Mexico. This conference, put on by CLASServices, equips Christian writers and speakers write and speak to the best of their ability and for God's glory.

Classes offered span everything from how to avoid common writing pitfalls and how to write a winning book proposal, to setting up an attractive book table and ways to market your book on the internet. One-on-one appointments with editors and writers are also available each day, as well as time to talk with professional editors and writers around lunch and dinner tables. Learning opportunities start at 8 a.m. and go all day until 10 p.m., that is, unless you sit up late learning from new friends' experiences.

Pictured with Brenna are CLASServices founders Florence and Marita Littauer.
“Thank you, Father, for the Littauers and the other CLASS leaders. Thank you for their inspirational and informational conferences, and for how they bless my life and ministry. I pray you will continue to bless many through them. Amen."

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